You stumble into a dark pit filled with slime and hear only the distant echoes of torture and the squishing of your body slithering through the muck. There are no exits. This is the mind of a sysadmin.

Or, the more friendly version:

Sys admin, web developer, author, singer/songwriter, bicycling enthusiast, and bread-maker. I work with anything from WMI filters to spelt. The aim of this blog is to help others learn from my mistakes and occasionally provide me with a soapbox. Sometimes, it can take me a while to get to the point. I’m sorry for that. I can blame it on my New Tribes days when I learned “context is king.”

Check it out and let me know if something saves your day. Or, leave a comment and save someone else’s day!

Why the name?

Ok, so why “The Semi-Pro Life…”? When I started this blog, it was going to be some kind of gray area between work and fun: stuff I liked to do but didn’t necessarily receive funding for. At the time, I thought I would focus on web development and social media. But, there are way better blogs for those topics already, maintained by people who get paid to do those things. Since its beginning, the blog has kind of morphed into this things where I mostly write about sysadmin-type stuff and every now and again, I put in something completely non-technical. Semi-pro still makes sense in that respect. I write about some things I get paid to know about and a few things where my advice, if you could call it that, comes with a little more risk.


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