Kickstarter: Automatic time control for gameplay

This idea came to me recently when a friend divulged that he could not own a gaming system due to the likelihood that it would absorb all his time. Many attempts have been made to help moderate gameplay, but they always seem to lack an intuitiveness the modern generation expects. That’s why I am announcing my kickstarter to automatically control time spent in gameplay with the simplest means possible: Frozen mashed potato PS4 game controllers!


The plan is to mass produce a kit containing moulds, electronics, and a starter set of mashed potato flakes. Each night (or once per week for those who plan ahead and prep in bulk), you make up your mashed potatoes, fit the electronics inside the moulds, and then inject the moulds with mashed potatoes. Leave the moulds in the freezer overnight (0° Fahrenheit or lower for best results) and you have the perfect gameplay time-modulator. As you play, the controller gradually softens until it becomes unusable. Games with higher intensity will cause quicker degradation, which in turn helps quell the stress that would otherwise wreak havoc on your health. Such a simple solution to a complex problem.

Please help me raise the estimated $275,000 to make this happen!


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