Quick Tip for Moving Exchange Logs

We recently had a RAID go bad that held the logs for one of our Exchange mailbox servers. It didn’t fail completely, so I was able to move logs off without much pain. Along the way, I found a way to cut downtime during the move process. The EMC’s method for moving logs seems to take an incredibly long amount of time, so it is quicker, in my experience, to copy the log files yourself. But if you really want to cut down the time the associated mailbox database will be offline, sort the log folder contents by date modified and copy all the older log files and other files not currently being used by Exchange. After that, dismount the database, copy the remaining files, move the storage group path (using the -configurationonly switch), and mount the database again. This can take downtime from several minutes to a few seconds. In short:

  • Sort the log folder by date modified
  • Select and copy all the log files not currently in use by the system to the new location
  • Dismount the mailbox database(s)
  • Copy the remaining log files, etc.
  • Run Move-StorageGroupPath with the -logfolderpath and -configurationonly switches
  • Mount the database(s)

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