My Windows RT Letdown

I remember some months ago reading that Microsoft was developing a version of Windows 8 to run on the ARM architecture. My mind immediately turned to ideas of cheap VDI through means of the Raspberry Pi. True, the Raspberry Pi’s Broadcom chip was not on the supported list, but supported is different from possible. Of course, with Microsoft’s recent announcement of Windows 8’s upcoming flavors, these dreams were dashed to the wind. Windows 8 for ARM, or Windows RT as it has been branded, has a few crippling limitations in this regard. Each one is enough to squash the plan by itself.

First off, Windows RT will only be available pre-installed by the manufacturer (think tablets). Next, it cannot boot from a VHD. Third, a Windows RT client cannot join a domain. Fourth, and rather obviously, it will not be able to run x86 applications. That’s somewhat obvious, but I imagine it could be possible with some emulation.

Oh well, perhaps I was overly optimistic.


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