No NPR for Lent

Lent began last Wednesday, so I am a little behind on giving something up. I am fortunate to be a protestant since I get to choose whether or not I participate in Lent and I even get to choose what to give up. At least that is how it was as a kid. I generally tried giving up school, but that never got far.

One thing I have grown quite attached to is National Public Radio (NPR). I listen to it just about anytime I am in the car and I think the topics are fascinating. Today, as I was getting into the car to drive home from work, I just had the feeling I should leave the radio off and be silent. Shortly after getting home, I needed to head to class (about a forty-minute drive). I felt the same inkling of just driving in silence, so I did. The same silence was repeated for my drive home.

I am starting to think that I need to give up my precious radio time to seek silence and listen for direction. It seems to fit with Lent, so I think I will try giving up NPR, or more generally all radio, while I am alone in the car. After just half a day (that’s impressive) of silence, I am already feeling something. I keep hearing the words to a song I wrote and thought I should share those lyrics:

[Verse 1]

I’ve not been around the world and I’m not heading out today.

I’m gonna’ watch it drown, just the same as yesterday.

I don’t get around.

I don’t get around.

[Verse 2]

Pushing Tylenol to cover up the pain.

Burning ethanol while Abel hunts for Cain.

Won’t you knock it off,

And not go on and, on and on and on?


And I don’t know how to change myself,

‘Cause the real me is a real hard sell.

So, this is not a post to say NPR is bad. But, I really want to know what I can learn in the silence.


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