NaNoWriMo 2010

It’s now three days since the gun fired at the starting line. Since then, writers all around the world have been typing like mad, cranking out a rough draft for their next–or first–novel. That’s right, it’s National Novel Writing Month yet again. This year, I am on the sidelines.

I participated in Nanowrimo last year for the first time. It was a great experience… as far as writing goes. I don’ think I have ever written so much in one sitting as I did that first day of Nanowrimo. It is difficult to sit out and I have this secret nagging feeling that keeps telling me, “Come on, you can catch up.” And I probably could. But, there is one reason I am not participating this year. It’s not my full-time work week coupled with my full-time academic pursuits. Not even my weekend commitments are too great an obstacle. But, you see, I have this beautiful wife that is much more interesting and valuable than a bunch of stream-of-consciousness leaking out on Google docs.

I would not trade last year’s Nanowrimo experience, but it took a lot of attention away from my wife. She takes classes full-time as well, so our spare time is precious. And while, yes, it is tough to fight back the urge to write, every extra moment I have with her that I would not have otherwise is worth it. Of course, I still get to participate by picking at my friends who are writing (that brings its own joy). But, it will probably not be until I have a lot more free time that I participate again. However, this has given me encouragement to go back over my novel from last year, make tweaks, and complete the ending. So, I am at least in the spirit of Nanowrimo.

The bottom line, as the Art of Manliness teaches, I need to make my marriage priority 1. And as Tim Eldred of Christian Endeavor points out, my family is my ministry.

Best wishes to all our writers this month!


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