Y2K and Twitter

For some of you younger folks, Y2K refers to the great computer scare of 2000. Back in the days when memory on a computer was precious and sparse, everything that could be abbreviated got abbreviated. This included dates. Therefore, “1980” became simply “80.” The “scare” part came in when people realized that at midnight on January 1, 2000, the year on many bank accounts would become “00,” resetting all your gained interest to nothing. Oh, and rockets would launch and hit Russia, setting off the catastrophic end of the world.

When I think of limits placed on Twitter, and texting in general, I wonder if we are going back in that direction; deciding time is too precious and sparse. We shorten our messages and the words. Instead of “Blessed are the meek,” we get “blsd r the meek.” The problem we faced in 2000 is that two digits could not properly convey the true message. Now, almost eleven years later, we are cutting out potentially vital characters and whole syllables again. What kind of scare will this lead to in the next few decades? Perhaps the fix is to make our time a little less sparse.


One thought on “Y2K and Twitter

  1. I have been thinking about this the past week and thought of you before even reading this post…
    I often think of how many different things it seemed like you were able to do this summer aside from working. Than I realized that I was able to do quite a bit more with a normal 40 hour work schedule as well. I am so glad to be graduating because I am hoping that I will be able to commit more time to family, friends, church, and a few other things. As you know, going to school and working can often be overwhelming, I wish it weren’t so demanding but then of course, It would take 10 years to graduate… All that to say, I have been looking forward to the day when I have more time.

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