I can remember times before returning to school thinking “I have nothing to do.” It seems like the goal was to fill my life so I was never wasting a moment. Although I have to admit I honestly was not doing much of anything at that time, I have come to realize over the past year or so that “accomplishment” does not always mean what we might think it means in life. Often times, accomplishment is found in the quiet, peaceful moments of life.

Sometimes, I catch myself in an extremely productive mood. My head swirls with all the things I could put on my plate. But then I am reminded to slow down, breathe slow and deep (like Rob Bell says) and take each moment in as sacred. I am reminded that if I am living life to get things done and out of the way, I am missing the whole point. I am missing those important little moments.

Today, I was walking with my wife and I told her, “I have to build a house with my own hands.” As I dissected this statement, it became clear that I did not feel like I was producing anything of value in my life. The problem was, I was only looking at the material. Everything that is material gets left behind in the end. I would rather cherish my time producing those intangible things like love, hope, and restoration.

We have all heard what a rapid world we live in and how technology only makes it worse. But right now, I encourage you to


Now, slowly breath in with your stomach until you can’t suck anymore air in. Hold it for just a moment and slowly let it out. Nice and easy.

Those peaceful moments are what we need to seek in life. Just remember that true peace comes in the presence of justice.


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