Good Technology

Not just plain old good, but good for our world. Good technology is technology that helps to accomplish good things. I have circled this post for several days now because I could not come up with the proper format. It seemed that I should have at least three good technologies to focus on, but there is really only one that I use frequently. This good technology is FreeRice.

A few years ago, my co-worker Daniel Shackelford pointed me in the direction of FreeRice. This simple game platform allows you to donate rice simply by playing. For free! The UN World Hunger Program administers the site and offers vocabulary matching, geography questions, math problems, and more. Every question you get right donates 10 grains of rice to those in need around the world. This has revolutionized my view of downtime.

There are similar websites such as FreePoverty. FreePoverty donates water (and is a little more difficult in my opinion) through similar methods. Search engines like SearchKindly donate money just for browsing the web. SearchKindly’s web site states, “Search Kindly lets you donate money for free just by using Google from this page instead of any other.”

How is all of this funded? The same way Facebook and other free services are funded. Ad revenue. It is easy to look at the not-so-good side of ads, but these kinds of technology help show the better side of ads. Think about how a few small changes in the way you use technology can have an enormous positive impact. Have a minute? Go give a kid a bowl of rice.


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