Is Society Introverting?

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking my wife to her office on the campus of Spring Arbor University. Even though several students wandered around in couples and large groups, barely a whisper was heard. No typical ruckus that might be associated with a university campus invaded the ear canals. My wife noted something to the affect of, “I think our society is becoming more introverted.”

I thought this concept was fascinating. Not necessarily because I accepted it without question, but because I wondered if technology was having an impact on our perception of introversion and extraversion. One of the teens in our youth group once talked about “silent parties” where teens show up and dance to the music in their own ear buds with no master PA blaring throughout the building. Conversation through brief text messages and wall posts is outmoding traditional means.

So, I intend to take a high level, non-scientific survey to dig a little deeper into this question. If you would like to participate, follow this link:

Perhaps there will be more to follow!


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